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 Feng Shui Master Andrew Lam



Feng Shui Master Lam was invited by China Mobile Group Jiangsu Co Ltd Suzhou Branch GoTone VIP Club for their activities as its keynote speaker on Feng Shui Theory

 Spring Festival Celebration

林­釵J­楔蠐U問獲蘇州移動VIP­捊硈〞瑭傰虳顙銂麍K活動主講       林­釵J­楔蠐U問獲蘇州移動VIP­捊硈〞瑭傰虳顙銂麍K活動及提供玄學服務      

Feng Shui Seminar 



Feng Shui Master Lam was invited by Melbourne Convention + Visitors Bureau as a Keynote Speaker for their Corporate Event



  Feng Shui Master Lam being invited to write a column for Superhome magazine, a monthly magazine published by Sun Hung Kai Property Limited and MTR Property Management and Superhome.net on Feng Shui for Home and Superhome Questions & Answers.




             Feng Shui Master was invited by Guangzhou Tian Yu Plaza, East Master Media Company and Majestic Hotel as a keynote speaker for their Tian Yu Fengshuiology Seminar



Feng Shui Master Lam partnership with marc & chantal design company, providing Chinese Zodiac and animal signs and their fortune outlook to her guests and customers.

  林­釵J­楔蠐U問為marc & chantal design及其顧客提供2007生肖運程

 林­釵J­楔蠐U問為Discovery Network Asia (Discovery Channel) 的會­提供辦公?shy;楔籅A務

Feng Shui Master Lam providing Feng Shui Consultation for Office to members of Discovery Network Asia (Discovery Channel)


Feng Shui Master Lam was invited by Zurich Insurance Group (Hong Kong) Legend-Reliance District as keynote speaker at a seminar for the induction of their salesman and insurance consultants





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