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The study of Feng Shui has a history of several thousand years in China. Feng Shui is the fruit of wisdom for the ancient Chinese.  The study of Feng Shui or Fengshuiology can help us provide insight into ourselves.  It can assist us in planning our future and assessing our present situation.  Fengshuiology can assist us in improving our social skills, and interpersonal relationships, in our careers and business and in our wealth creation abilities.  All in all it can enrich our lives.  In this competitive commercial world Fengshuiology can give you this additional edge to beat your competitors.  This added edge may take you out of harms way and into calmer waters so that you can win every battle.


There is an ancient Chinese saying "A person’s success in life depends firstly on  your birthright, second on your luck and third on Feng Shui." Birthright is God given and it depends on the date and time of your birth, it one is born in the auspicious sign of the zodiac everything would be smooth sailing and if one is born under the inauspicious sign of the zodiac then everything will be downright horrible.  Luck refers to a person's life after birth..  If life after birth is auspicious then you will have good luck otherwise you will have bad luck. If you have good birthright and good luck then everything will be fine and dandy for the entire life of the person.  If a person has one and not the other such as good birthright and no luck or luck and no birthright then that person's life journey will be chequered with plenty of ups and downs and under that situation Feng Shui will be able to make things better.


Although Feng Shui can help you change your luck it is not omnipotent.  Feng Shui can augment the best features of one's birthright with the auspicious aspects of the environment.  This will improve your health and business career.  What it does is it removes the bad aura and guide you towards the good aura.  This will increase your energy level, changes your bad mood to good mood.  Once this happens it will have a beneficial effect on your health, your business, your wealth, your family life, your friendship with others and your love-life and studies.


In this day and age most people have a busy lifestyle.  Advent of the internet has increased the power of communication.  Feng Shui Master Andrew Lam Fengshuiology service therefore is not restricted to any particular location, it now includes, personal visits, consultations on the telephone and through Internet. Click Online Feng Shui Tips and Online Fengshuiology for our Distrance Fengshuiology Services . The service level for overseas people, Chinese mainland people and Hong Kong people are all the same.  They all receive the same Feng Shui Master Lam's expert Feng Shui advice wherever you are.



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